Valentines Heart Coordinate Keychain

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The Anniversary Heart Coordinate Keychain is meant to signify a location that is special to the recipient. Often used to hold the location where a couple got engaged, married or had another significant event. 

The keychain is handmade from A-Z and we can put whatever text you would like on it, so long as you don't go over 60 characters total, not including spaces. It is around 2'' long and 2'' tall. Made from 18 gauge metal, it's about the thickness of two pennies stacked on each other, so its highly unlikely it's going to break or bend. 

We can make these from copper (7th anniversary), bronze (8th anniversary), aluminum (10th anniversary), brass (21st anniversary) and sterling silver (25th anniversary)

We can lookup the coordinates for you if you send us the address for the location. 


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In the cart page, there is a 'special instructions' box - that is where you put the text for your item. Be as clear on your preferred layout for the text as you can. 

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